June 10, 2024
What Is in Biden’s Voting Rights Bill

What Is in Biden’s Voting Rights Bill


“What Is in Biden’s Voting Rights Bill?

By Peggy Tierney


Excerpts from this article:

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Please ask yourself as you read this article, “Could Biden’s voting rights bill be any worse for our country?” It looks to me as if Biden/Dems have captured all in one bill every crooked, illegal, and anti-Constitutional voting provision possible!  Notice that the vote was 49 to 51 in the U. S. House.  We simply have to get people out to vote in the upcoming elections so that we conservative Republicans can take the U. S. House back and also get a solid majority in the U. S. Senate.]


On [Biden’s] voting rights bill, Republicans were able to block Democrats in a 49-51 vote from limiting debate on the John Lewis Communist voting “rights” package – otherwise known as the “screw the people” act, which allowed them to use the filibuster to continue to put off the legislation getting a vote.

What would the bill do? If you don’t know – you should read this. Because they will try again.

  • It would LEGALIZE CHEATING, HACKING, NON-CITIZEN & FELON VOTING AND BALLOT HARVESTING – and prevent Republicans from EVER contesting ANY election again!
  • Remove the Constitutional authority of states to regulate voter registration and the voting process by forcing all states to implement early voting, automatic voter registration, same-day registration, online voter registration, cheat-by-mail and no-fault absentee balloting.
  • Make it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls through same-day registration, as election officials would have no time to verify the accuracy of voter registration information.
  • Increase the number of illegal aliens & ineligible voters on registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals (as opposed to verified “citizens”) from state and federal databases, such as state Departments of Motor Vehicles, corrections and welfare agencies. Every illegal alien that receives welfare would be automatically registered to vote.
  • Make it a criminal offense for a state official to reject any voter registration application even when it is rejected because the individual is illegal or ineligible to vote.
  • Require states to allow 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds to register to vote.
  • Require states to count ballots cast by voters outside of their assigned precincts, overriding the precinct system used by almost all states that allows election officials to monitor votes, staff polling places, provide enough ballots, and prevent election fraud.
  • Mandate no-fault absentee ballots, which are the tool of choice for vote thieves. It would ban witness signature or notarization requirements for absentee ballots; force states to accept absentee ballots received up to 10 days after Election Day as long as they are postmarked by Election Day; and require states to allow vote trafficking (vote harvesting) so that any third parties—including campaign staffers and political consultants—can pick up and deliver absentee ballots.
  • Prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters. This includes restrictions on using the U.S. Postal Service’s national change-of-address system to verify the address of registered voters; participating in state programs that compare voter registration lists to detect individuals registered in multiple states; or ever removing registrants due to a failure to vote no matter how much time has elapsed.
  • Limit the public release of voter registration information, making it almost impossible for nonpartisan organizations to verify the accuracy of registration rolls or find phantom voters.
  • Prohibit states from using undeliverable election mail as a basis for challenging a registrant’s eligibility.
  • Ban state voter ID laws by forcing states to allow individuals to vote without an ID and merely signing a statement in which they claim they are who they say they are.
  • Make it illegal for ANY voter to have to provide any information to election officials about the ineligibility of an individual, such as an applicant not being a U.S. citizen.
  • Reduce the number of Federal Election Commission members from six to five, allowing the political party with three commission seats to control the commission and engage in partisan enforcement activities.
  • Prohibit state election officials from participating in federal elections and impose numerous other “ethics” rules that are unconstitutional or unfairly restrict political activity, eliminating the ability of the residents of specific states to make their own decisions about what rules should govern their state government officials.
  • Require states to restore the ability of felons to vote the moment they are out of prison regardless of uncompleted parole, probation, or restitution requirements.
  • Mandate the inclusion of illegal alien population, both legal and illegal, in all redistricting. This is an anti-democratic, unconstitutional measure that would take away the ability of the citizens of a state to make their own decisions about redistricting.
  • Permit the IRS to investigate and consider the political and policy positions of nonprofit organizations before granting tax-exempt status, thus enabling IRS officials to target organizations engaging in First Amendment activity with disfavored views.
  • Prohibit the filing of any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the election bill anywhere except in the District Court for the District of Columbia – so the Feds could control it.
  • Establish a “Commission to Protect Democratic Institutions” that would compel judges to testify and justify their legal decisions and subjecting them to political pressure and harassment.

Biden said he was disappointed in the Senate vote on voting rights and he’ll try again. Joke. Now Democrats are quietly working on a way to ban Republicans from running in 2022 and 2024 and legalize what Pence promised to do on January 6th (send contested electors back to the states as they requested) so that Harris can do it to Trump, or another Republican, if he wins in 2024.

Pence did indeed have the authority to send the votes back to the states – on January 6th – to be resolved…. Democrats want to make sure that THEY can use this process in 2024 to remove a Republican from the White House.

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