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We Must Be Crazy | Education News

We Must Be Crazy | Education News

By Lee Duigon

January 27, 2022

There must be something seriously wrong with us, the American people, that we continue to tolerate the deluge of toxic idiocy poured on us by what we call our public education system.

Three recent examples will suffice.

Exhibit A: A Denver elementary school has announced a plan to teach kindergarten and first grade kids (ages 5-6!) to “disrupt the nuclear family”—that would be their families—by being “queer- and trans-affirming.” And their parents are expected to sit still for that. After all, it’s part of a “Black Lives Matter Action Week.” Words fail me here: I can’t believe this.

But wait, there’s more! They’re bringing back segregation—which once upon a time was a Very Bad Thing, but now it’s… good? They’re reserving the playground; the sign outside the school says “Families of Color Playground Night.” No whites allowed. Hello! When did this become acceptable? But then the whole thing is the educators’ playground, isn’t it?

And we tolerate it. Like there’s something wrong with our ever-lovin’ minds.

Exhibit B: Loudon County Schools, Virginia, has fired its chief executive. You remember this case. The educators decided they ought to have “transgender bathrooms,” and then a boy in a skirt invaded the girls’ bathroom and raped a girl. What did they do about it? Very quietly transferred him to another high school… where he raped another girl. Now the fat was really in the fire: mustn’t let anything torpedo the transgender bathrooms. When the first girl’s father showed up at the school board meeting to complain, they called the cops and Herod’s Men arrested him—shoved him to the floor and cuffed him.

A judge has since declared the boy rapist a sex offender (for life). The district’s chief executive has been fired, his name and very existence scrubbed from the district’s website—but the superintendent of schools and the other higher-ups, the ones who hatched the stupid bathroom policy in the first place—well, they’re all still there.

Just shut up and pay your school tax, peasants! We’ve got the Justice Dept. watching you—in case you turn out to be domestic terrorists.

Exhibit C: Virginia again, Fairfax County this time, where they compelled students to play a little game called “privilege bingo”—to get them thinking about how unworthy they are, how undeserving. Somehow it’s bad if, say, your parents have a stable marriage and you’re brought up in a sane and loving home. That’s “privilege,” kids! What about all those oppressed minorities—they’re always oppressed—who don’t have two-parent homes? (Like that’s your fault? You got something that they didn’t, and you don’t deserve it!) What earthly use is this except to make children feel bad about themselves?

A lot of military families live in Fairfax County, and they got pretty cheesed off about the educators saying they were “privileged,” and somehow responsible for other people’s not-so-nice lives. So the school board backed off on that, modified the game, and kept on playing it. Hey, kid! You’re white, you’re middle-class—you should at least detest yourself.

And there sit the parents, the taxpayers, shelling out the bucks for these bizarre exercises perpetrated by the educators.

Why do we let them do this to us? Why do we continue to send our children to those wretched schools? Where’s our self-respect? Whether it’s home school, Christian school, or just a group of families getting together to educate their children themselves, what alternative could possibly be worse than what the public educators offer in Colorado, Virginia, and everywhere else in the country?

We really must be crazy.

I have discussed these and other topics throughout the week on my blog, http://leeduigon.com/ . Click the link and visit, before they cart us all off as domestic terrorists. My articles can also be found at www.chalcedon.edu/ .

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