June 21, 2024
Single-Sourced Dental Implant Supplies: When Does it Work?

Single-Sourced Dental Implant Supplies: When Does it Work?

Cross section of single implant and crown in lower arch

Relying on a single dental implant parts supplier: What’s the issue?

We’ve all heard the argument: don’t rely on a single manufacturer for your dental implant supplies. This can lead to limited resources, and when you stick with a single implant system brand, your office often depends on that manufacturer’s parts to carry out its day-to-day activities. If you source from a single implant brand, any limitation on parts availability, shipping delays, or any other issues with your dental implant parts suppliers can put a damper on your workflow. The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on raw material sourcing and factory production across many of the world’s industries was a prime example of this risk, with residual production back-up and product unavailability persisting today.

Steering clear of the downfalls of a single-sourced supply chain

To solve the problem of these restrictions on dental implant supplies, some offices have opted to implement multiple implant systems, taking on secondary and even tertiary systems. These additional implant systems can also be of benefit with patients that have more challenging edentulous cases and require a unique design of platform, angulation or any other implant system attribute that can aid in the execution of more trying implant scenarios.

The increasing availability of online ordering systems has also provided dental professionals with a much simpler way to stock up, both on the basic supplies, as well as any immediate supply needs for urgent surgeries. Purchasing dental implant supplies online often cuts out the ‘middleman’ sales representative, which can in some instances be a hassle, but more often than not is outweighed by the wealth of advantages, most of all being the large amount of time saved.

Edison Medical’s supply philosophy: the best of all worlds

More than a decade ago, Edison Medical’s founding philosophy took all of these challenges related to the manufacturing and distribution of dental implant supplies into account. The entire premise revolved around the concept that the dental implant market and supply chain could be simplified. After years of working in the dental industry, the founding partners of EM understood that, yes, there were many dental implant systems. And yes, many were restrictive in their usability with other brands, restricting clients to these single implant systems.

The founding partners made the decision to establish Edison Medical to solve the distribution issues related to dental implant system parts and supplies. The goal being to offer dental professionals a single, reliable source for all of their implant needs. What’s more, the entire distribution process would happen online, meaning industry professionals could make their orders and browse products based on when they had time in their schedules, do so at their own pace, and have their supplies to them as quickly as the following morning after placing an order.

But that left the issue of manufacturing unresolved. How could dental offices already tied to a certain implant system join this dental implant supply revolution? By Edison Medical establishing its own manufacturing company. After setting up its production shop in Germany, EM became the first producer and online distributor of an extensive range of high-end dental implant parts and supplies that are usable across more than 70 of the market’s leading brands and cost a fraction of the price.

Looking forward: a constant improvement of the supply market

To keep on with its goal to simplify and improve the dental implant industry, EM continues its work today, dedicating its efforts to research and development, designing and patenting new dental implant components to rise up to even the most challenging edentulous cases.

So, that argument of old, that sourcing dental implant supplies from a single supplier can be inadvisable? Well, Edison Medical would beg to differ.

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