June 21, 2024
Research Enterprise in Higher Education

Research Enterprise in Higher Education

Academic research has become more like an enterprise than the traditional quest for knowledge, which is why the term research enterprise has continued to take hold on university campuses. This approach takes into consideration the systems, services, policy, and staffing involved in academic research initiatives that have become more like a business entity sometimes gaining a negative connotation.

The advent of digital technologies has led libraries to change their approach to continue being a major contributor to the academic research enterprise rather than be perceived as obsolete (Parmar, 2021).  Meanwhile, Ren and Tan (2021) suggest that industry-university-research cooperation platforms should be more integrated into existing campus research systems to make scientific and technological achievements more efficient.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant short- and long-term impacts to the nation’s university research enterprise (Radecki and Schonfeld, 2020). With a focus on STEM research, Radecki and Schonfeld (2020) provide a review of what is known about these impacts and identify gaps that should be addressed.


Does the act that academia has become a research enterprise impact the work being done? Has the research enterprise made the scientific method more political or difficult to navigate?


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