July 23, 2024
If only our Covid healthcare was as good as El Salvador

If only our Covid healthcare was as good as El Salvador

Welcome to a world where El Salvador leads the way in medical care

As early as July 2020 El Salvador was trialling kits to treat Covid that included Ivermectin. Cases were starting to rise, so on August 9, 2020 the President Nayib Bukele made a national announcement that treatment kits and tests were available. Anyone with symptoms could call up the helpline and a box would be delivered to their home. The treatment kits included ivermectin, azithromycin, zinc, Vitamin D, Panadol, and an antihistamine.

By January 2021 cases were on the rise again and so Ivermectin was made available over the counter without a prescription for anyone to buy at pharmacies. Meanwhile the vaccine rollout began in February 2021. But by April 9 only 2.8% of the population was vaccinated. The rate of delivery increased from there.

By January 2022, El Salvador became possibly the first country in the world to tell people to “get fit” to beat Covid. Imagine suggesting that?

Lucky El Salvador didn’t wait for the random controlled trials to develop a treatment kit. Wow.El Salvador, timing of therapies, Covid treatment, Graph.

The first Covid peak was the day after the President announced home deliveries of treatment kits. The second peak was day after the news was announced that Ivermectin would be available without a prescription.

Here’s El Salvador compared to the rich nations of the world:

On a cases per million basis, the “big” surges in El Salvador were … tiny. Especially when compared to the West.El Salvador, Ivermectin, Rest of the world. Graph, OWID

Per capita cases of Covid. El Salvador managed the pandemic better than nearly anywhere.

The kits were described by one doctor as like a take away food delivery. Here’s a lady delivering some, as seen on a WHO video which praises El Salvador . It  mentions masses of treatment kits (at 2:30) but does not list a single ingredient. Just like magic, getting a cardboard box will save you?El Salvador Treatment Kits

Vans were sent to homes of infected people to deliver treatment kits. (WHO Video)

By February 2021 El Salvador had delivered 200,000 treatment kits. But at this stage people were also buying itself for themselves from the local pharmacy too.Door to door delivery of kits

200,000 kits were delivered to homes by Feb 2021 | WHO Video

El Salvador kits for treating Covid

TrialsiteNews listed the ingredients:

Called the “Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19, the protocol includes the following:

Medicines Dose / Duration

    • Acetaminophen 500 MG 1 Tab VO C /6 hours
    • Loratadine 10 MG 1 Tab V C /12 hours
    • Zinc 50 MG 1 Tab VO / day
    • Ivermectin 6 MG 1 Tab VO C /12 day
    • Vitamin C 500 MG 1 Tab VO C /day
    • Vitamin D 2000 MG 1 Tab VO C /day
    • Azithromycin 1 Tab VO C/day

So who is this President of El Salvador and how did he get the idea to use anti-virals?

It seems that back in May 2020 he was already onto the potential of other drugs.

Salvadoran leader says he takes drug touted by Trump for coronavirus

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) – Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele said on Tuesday he takes hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that U.S. President Donald Trump has promoted as a way to ward off the novel coronavirus, though experts have warned about its safety.

Bukele told reporters that El Salvador was not promoting it anymore as a treatment, following the recommendation of the World Health Organization, though patients would still be able to take it as a preventative measure if they wished.

“I use it as a prophylaxis, President Trump uses it as a prophylaxis, most of the world’s leaders use it as a prophylaxis,” Bukele said.

On a cumulative basis El Salvador has done exceptionally well

Only New Zealand has lower cases:Cumulative confirmed Cases in El Salvador

Few have done better than El Salvador.  |  Source: OWID

It’s fair to ask if El Salvador has done enough testing, but the test positivity rate varied from 3% – 15% which is on par with many countries. And in terms of total death rates per million from Covid — El Salvador at 587 per million  was worse than New Zealand (10) and Australia(95)  but lower than Canada (820), the UK (2,200), and the US (2,500).

How many of us would have predicted two years ago that we’d have more freedom and more competent medical treatment in El Salvador than we could get at home? Send these figures around the world.  People need to know.

* * *

All studies on ivermectin are here. There are 20 known mechanisms of action:  It’s so safe doctors fed it to primary school children to treat lice in Canberra. It has been used to virtually eliminate Covid in Japan,Uttar Pradesh, and in Indonesia where it cut Covid by 98% at the same time cases in Australia grew 500% with Lock-n-Vax. There are also success stories from Peru,Brazil, and Mexico.

For the record, El Salvador.com reported on Jan 12 2021 that the Medicines Directorate authorized free sale of Ivermectin.

[Translated]  The drug Ivermectin, whose name has become popular because there are doctors who use it as part of the treatment against COVID-19, is [now] sold in pharmacies without the need to present a medical prescription. The sale of the drug was restricted, but according to different sources consulted, the National Directorate of Medicines (DNM) removed the requirement.

For Carlos Ortega, a specialist in virology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of El Salvador, Ivermectin has not actually gone through phases of study to be an antiviral against COVID-19 and does not have international certifications for it; however, in light of the emergency and the data that the laboratory studies have produced, he does not see its use as bad.

Also for the record — the  Vaccine rollout in El Salvador:Vaccine rollout in El Salvador

… Source: OWID






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