June 19, 2024
Biden and Psaki: Eat Your Phrases

Biden and Psaki: Eat Your Phrases

“Biden and Psaki: Eat Your Phrases”

By Donna Garner


I hate to interrupt it to Biden and Jen Psaki, however Texas Gov. Greg Abbott knew precisely what he was doing when he began the elevated inspections of vehicles crossing the border from Mexico. By means of these elevated inspections, 25% of the vehicles thus far have been proven to have brake issues; different issues with defective tires and engine components have led to those vehicles being stopped on the border to guarantee that, for example, a bit youngster in the USA who could also be crossing the road isn’t hit by a harmful truck from Mexico.

These elevated inspections by Texas are additionally attempting to cease the smuggling of fentanyl and human trafficking. Fentanyl is an artificial opioid that may be put in powders, nasal sprays, and pressed into drugs to make them seem like frequent meds.  As little as .02 milligrams of fentanyl can kill an individual.  Anne Milgram (DEA Administrator) lately introduced that China is offering the fentanyl chemical substances to the Mexican cartels in order that they’ll mass-produce pretend pharmaceuticals that seem like Aspirin, Tylenol, Oxy, Percocet, and so forth.  

Be aware to Biden and Jen Psaki:  From its inception, one of many aspect advantages of Gov. Abbott’s plan was intentionally to create havoc on the border to get the eye of the Mexican governors in order that Mexico will do its half to cease the unlawful trafficking into Texas from the Mexican aspect of the border.  

Since it’s Biden who has determined to finish Title 42 enforcement in Might, Texas has needed to take the matter into its personal fingers to cease the 150,000 unlawful aliens monthly (who’re crossing our southern border). In any other case, these numbers will enhance to 500,000 illegals monthly!  Since Biden is attempting to destroy America, Gov. Abbott determined to make the most of Mexico as a software to counter Biden’s plan.   

Positive sufficient, by making the Mexican truckers spend as much as 15 hours ready to get their vehicles throughout the border (typically with the contents of contemporary vegatables and fruits spoiling), it didn’t take however a few days for Mexican Gov. Samuel Alejandro García Sepulveda of neighboring Nuevo Leon to get the purpose.

Yesterday Abbott and Sepulveda signed a memorandum of understanding.  Sepulveda will attempt to cease the unlawful immigrants and the unlawful shipments on his aspect of the border, and the standard random truck inspections on the Texas aspect might be put again into place for the vehicles crossing from Nuevo Leon. Now each governor in Mexico has contacted Gov. Abbott to arrange related conferences.

“Mission achieved, Biden and Jen Psaki.”

Sure, Gov. Abbott’s plan is working; and People will not be silly.  They know it’s Biden and his far leftist agenda which can be inflicting the availability chain issues which began up lengthy earlier than Gov. Abbott introduced his plan to attempt to defend America.


In a world so stuffed with gloom and doom, it has truly been a little bit of “comedian aid” to look at Biden/Jen Psaki eat their phrases. They had been those who accused Gov. Abbott of making a publicity stunt by saying that he would bus/fly the illegals to the steps of the Capitol. Yesterday two buses rolled into D. C. with many extra on the best way.

Since Biden has brought on the open border issues and he has by no means come right down to the Texas border to see for himself what these large issues are, Gov. Abbott is now letting him and his leftist cronies in Congress see the realities of the unlawful aliens up-close-and-personal.

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